Chalet Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár)

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Chalet Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), Boglár Vacation House

Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), 22 Gyöngyvirág Street

3 sleeps   1 room   1 bathroom

  • Parking
  • Erzsébet Utalvány

from $ 11.9
from 3 persons

For minimum 4 personsChalet Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), Boglár Chalet

Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), 22 Gyöngyvirág Street

4 sleeps   2 rooms   1 bathroom

  • Internet

from $ 11.9
from 6 persons

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Pénzesgyőr 52 km

Zirc 57 km

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Chalet Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), Breuer László Chalet

  52 km

Pénzesgyőr, 57 Béke Street

Verified accommodation

50 sleeps   5 rooms   3 bathrooms

  • No booking deposit required!
  • Internet
  • Parking

from $ 9.1

Chalet Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), Bakony Pihenő Apartment

  66 km


28 sleeps   7 rooms   2 bathrooms

  • Internet
  • Parking

from $ 9.5
from 2 persons

Chalet Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), Déjá Vu Garden & Club

  57 km

Zirc, Pintér-Hegyi Erdősor Street

8 sleeps   3 rooms  

  • No booking deposit required!
  • Parking

from $ 13.9
from 3 persons

Chalet Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), Kiskakas Chalet

  73 km

Szentkatalin, 10 Fő Street

21 sleeps   3 rooms   5 bathrooms

  • Parking

from $ 15.5
from 3 persons

Chalet Balatonboglar (Balatonboglár), Fenyves Camping

  86 km

Őrimagyarósd, 1 Dózsa György Street

50 sleeps   7 rooms   4 bathrooms

  • Parking

from $ 6.7
from 20 persons

Balatonboglar (known as Balatonboglár) is a city in Hungary, Somogy county , with 6,055 inhabitants. It is located in the region(s) Lake Balaton, Southern Transdanubia, Western Transdanubia, Central Transdanubia, Badacsony.

In Balatonboglar we have a number of 2 accommodations and a total of 7 places in the whole region, available for free booking. In the area there are 7 chalets, 2 can be reserved without any deposit. Accommodations of Balatonboglar can be seen on the map. Balatonboglar's accommodations have a score of 95% based on 13 guest reviews. Prices range between 6 and 15 $.

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