Chalet Poiana (Negri)

Chalet Poiana (Negri), Lepșuleț Chalet

  88 km


Chalet near Poiana (Negri).

8 sleeps   4 rooms   1 bathroom

  • No booking deposit required!
  • Parking

from $ 14.5
from 2 persons

Chalet Poiana (Negri), Kis-Cohárd Lodges

  93 km

Lacu Roșu

The Lodges are situated in Lacu Rosu. Chalet near Poiana (Negri).

16 sleeps   8 rooms   8 bathrooms

from $ 15.8
from 2 persons

Chalet Poiana (Negri), Timea Cottage

  100 km

Lăzărești, 212 Fő Street

The cottage is located at the foot of mountains and pine forests surrounded by the Hi river, 1 km from the village of Lăzărești. Chalet near Poiana (Negri).

10 sleeps   3 rooms   2 bathrooms

  • Dining options
  • Parking
  • Swimming pool

from $ 10.9

Poiana (Negri) is a village in Romania, Bacău county , with 1,593 inhabitants. It is located in the region(s) Kárpátokon túl, Moldova, Moldvai csángók.

In the region there are 3 accommodations available for free booking. In the area there are 3 chalets, 2 can be reserved without any deposit, 1 offer dining options (breakfast, lunch, dinner, half board, full board or all inclusive), 1 have a swimming pool. Accommodations of Poiana (Negri) can be seen on the map. Poiana (Negri)'s accommodations have a score of 92% based on 11 guest reviews. Prices range between 10 and 15 $.

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